Veken Mission

With the mission of "Technology innovates life", Veken invests in and operates high-tech industries with an ultimate purpose to pioneer the future of intelligent wellness and technology.

Veken Vision

Stay true to the original core value of technology, and strive for excellence in high-tech investment, aiming to lead the high-tech investment industry in China.

Achieve Enduring Prosperity Together

Veken Cooperation

Collaborative win-win for business partners:Sharing competitive resources with business partners to complement each other with new market access and technologies, effectively advancing everyone on the path to success.

Veken Mechanism

Stock ownership plans for team members:Encourage and reward team members by granting them company stock-options and allowing them to share in the profits.

core Value

Veken believes that "giving back", "growth", and "responsibility" are the keys in achieving sustainable and profitable growth. It is the framework that guides every aspect of our business.

Value Orientation

At Veken, our value orientation is presented in our beliefs in responsibility, team spirit, professional and principled conduct as well as balancing of interests.
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