Originated from the He Feng Yarn Factory in the 20th century, Veken represents the earliest modern industry in Ningbo and has now grown into a leading high-tech industrial investment company with over RMB 10 billion in business volume. Veken invests in industry-leading and emerging high-tech companies across a diverse array of forward-looking industries, including but not limited to new energy, new materials and intelligent technologies.
Veken's investments and business sectors include lithium batteries, power equipment batteries, smart devices, precision silk screens, industrial internet, artificial intelligence, smart chips, information security, technical textiles and apparels, financial services, bulk commodities trade, smart industrial parks and wellness real estates. Veken has made controlling investments in over 80 companies and equity investments in over 60 companies, including over 10 listed companies. In addition, Veken operates two listed companies: Veken Technology Co., Ltd. (stock market code: 600152) in new energy industry and Veken Silk Screen Co., Ltd. (stock market code: 871506) in new material industry.
Working in partnership with State Development & Investment Corporation ("SDIC") and several other major state-owned investment entities, Veken is the managing partner of SDIC Venture Capital and SDIC (Ningbo) Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Fund. With over RMB 50 billion of investment capital under management, Veken primarily invests in industry-leading and emerging high-tech companies in cutting-edge industries, including but not limited to new energy and new material, Intelligent Manufacturing 2025, next generation electronic information and automation technology, as well as artificial intelligence.
Veken maintains the original core value of technology and is committed to pioneer the future of intelligent technology. With the mission of "Technology Innovates Life", Veken strives for excellence in high-tech investments and aims to become the leader in high-tech investments in China.


Year Veken Originated


Companies Owned, Controlled or Invested

50 Billion

Investment Capital Managed

Development Path



The business operations are managed by capitals, company regulations and authorized management. At the holding company level, the administration departments and business departments are managed under the board of directors. At the enterprise level, the day-to-day business are managed under the enterprise's board of directors.

Group Honors

Honors and Awards

Top 500 Companies in China

Top 500 Manufacturers in China

Top 500 Private Companies in China

Top 500 International Trading companies in China

Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China

Top 100 Companies in Zhejiang Province

Top 100 Service Companies in Zhejiang Province

Top 100 Tax Paying Companies in Zhejiang Province

Top 5 Manufacturers in Ningbo

Most Advanced Headquarter in Ningbo

Top 100 Companies in Ningbo

Top 100 Service Companies in Ningbo

Top 50 Tax Paying Companies in Ningbo

Top 50 Industrial Brands in Ningbo

The Celebrity Company in Ningbo

The Most Valuable National High-Tech Investment Company in China

Industry Position

New Energy Battery Field:Top 5 Providers of 3C Digital Batteries in China

New Material Silk Screen Field:Top 1 Company in China
Top 5 Companies in the World

P.E. Field:Top 50 PE Venture Capital Investment
Companies in China

Fund Field:SDIC - the largest state-owned investment company in China, with the most diversified investment portfolio
CURA - the first listed company on the New Third Board in real estate industry in China, boasting the largest volume of investment fund

Securities Trading Field:Caitong Securities - a leading securities in China, boasting several Golden Ox Awards

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility has been a core value of Veken since our founding. Veken believes that "giving back", "growth" and "responsibilities" are the keys to delivering sustainable and profitable growth to shareholders, consumers, business partners, communities we live, and the planet we inhabit.
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